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School will be closed on Friday the 18th at 1.30pm prompt,

for holiday.

The school will be reopen on 4th of September.


'In this school all the adults seem to care about all the children and there are always interesting ways to learn being planned.'

Professor Mick Waters

Professor of Education University of Wolverhampton


'I would just like to congratulate you.  You are on our very short list of schools that have made improvement every year since 2009 for English and Maths....'

Walsall CS Serco



'Being at our school is really great, actually its wonderful. The teachers really help you to get a good education'

Year Six Pupil


'We have lots of fun, we build things and we are really good....'

Reception Pupils



'It is only as we develop other that we permanently succeed'

(Harvey Samuel Firestone)